Ali Larter Nude

Whether you’re into good girls or bad girls, Ali Larter can be both for you, with equal hotness, as she’s demonstrated in her role as Niki Sanders on the hit NBC series “Heroes“.  With her cool, sexy blonde looks, Ali Larter started out very early as a model, and at 17 her career eventually brought her all the way to Japan, where she settled for a while.  Now she could have gone on to continue with her successful modelling career, but as chance would have it, she accompanied her boyfriend to LA, and then started taking acting lessons when the relationship ended, based on a friend’s advice.

Ali initially started out on stage productions, but her career was about to get a huge boost that would let her take a shortcut to the top.  Esquire magazine decided to publish a piece on the Hollywood publicity machine by creating a hoax about a model who was set to become Hollywood’s Next Dream Girl, complete with stories about a relationship with David Schwimmer, dates with Quentin Tarantino and an upcoming Woody Allen movie written just for her.  Well, reality soon mimicked fiction, because Ali did become hot Hollywood property because of her casting as Allegra Coleman, the fake Esquire ‘It Girl’.

Calls came in fast and furious as agents and studios wanted to sign up this fictitious creation, and Ali tapped into that frenzy to land herself some guest TV roles, before finally heading to the big screen in 1999, with hits like “House on Haunted Hill” and “Varsity Blues“.  The latter is a must-see for real fans of Ali.  Just imagine Ali Larter nude with nothing on but whipped cream covering her tits and nether regions.  It was that edible bikini that really made “Varsity Blues” worth the price of admission, in my opinion!

With more appearances in hits like “Final Destination“, “Legally Blonde“, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back“, and “Final Destination 2“, Ali Larter has proven that she has the staying power needed to make it in this business, and that her success is more than just a lucky fluke caused by Esquire magazine.  Her last movie was the action-packed hit “Resident Evil: Extinction”, and she has a thriller slated for next year with Beyonce Knowles.  But for now, the hit TV series “Heroes” is what takes up her time, and it’s brought her even more fame, as one of the pivotal characters in the ongoing story.  We like seeing her kick ass, and apparently, so does everyone else, so we’re sure to see a lot more of Ali Larter in the future.

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