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August 2nd, 2016 by J

Although she admits the fact that she’s been a tomboy as a teen, Ali Larter eventually blossomed into this hot and sexy young woman, which in turn brought her to the modelling world. She started her career as a model at the age of 14 and many more windows of opportunities started opening for this gorgeous American babe from Los Angeles. She then started acting and has been given roles that would eventually make her one of the famous actresses of her time. She starred as Kristy Lingstone in the hit TV series Dawson’s Creek in 2008, Claire Redfield in the film Resident Evil: Extinction, to name a few. If you’re a fan of stars in the said series and movie, then there is no doubt that you’ve watched Larter in these too. But that’s what’s special about Ali, she constantly evolves and wouldn’t stay on s pot and do one thing over and over until she gets bored, and too bored to function.

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She’s one of them who likes trying different things just to see which ones do give her pleasure and satisfaction, and I’m not just talking about her job.  I mean, well, still something she works on but very different from the ones we see on our TV screens and when we watch her at a cinema. Are you ready to discover another thing about Larter that could potentially cause hysteria in your already crazy fandom for hers? Just like most of these stars, she’s also one hell of an adventurous cunt who doesn’t stay too long with being a good old role model to people who watch her, especially young girls who dreams of becoming models like her someday. When Larter got exposed in the world of fashion, she already learned how to merge with all sorts of race, culture, and traditions, which made her discover her inner slut in the process. This leaked sex tape of hers is just one proof that she’s hot and ready to pounce on anything that would show the world she ain’t hiding anything. Sucking a stiff cock and  enjoying wild outdoor fucking, for the first time, and showing no hesitations, Larter just raised the level higher when it comes to her being a badass blondie.

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April 2nd, 2016 by J

As a teen, Ali Larter considered herself to be somewhat a tomboy-ish kinda chick, which is almost impossible to believe since she’s grown to be this hot babe with the curves and attitude that made men swoon. Her tall height, fine built, and undeniably feminine assets eventually got her a career as a model. During the course of her exposure as a model on print and commercials, she had landed roles in TV shows and even films. Most fans might remember her as Niki Sanders in the science fiction drama, Heroes. I admit I did watch this series and Ali Larter was hot as fuck. I mean, it ain’t some porn flick but she’s the type of character that one can easily recall because of the this undeniable charm that she exudes being gorgeous and all that. Whatever she learned from her modelling academy paid off and she’s now reaping a bunch of recognition for being one of the sexiest human beings on the planet. Of course Ali isn’t all just a boring sexy babe flaunting her figure on magazine covers, talking about health stuff and other crappy stuff on a daily basis. She is not a member of any gym to workout and keep those muscles firm and that booty tight. She actually has other activities that she tend to keep under wraps but some people are keen on exposing a lot of these celebrities secrets to earn from them or simply wanted to give people new stuff to gossip about.

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This hardcore video is one of the things that has been circulating whenever a specific artist’s name’s is kinda getting dull in the industry. They will do everything to go back on track and make some noise and Ali Larter’s wild and loud with two of her fuck buddies alright. It may come as a surprise seeing this clip for the first time but remember, Ali started her career in a world where there is always a payment for each move you take to level up. She met a couple of people who happen to share the same interests as hers when it comes to things hardcore. Here you’ll find her enjoying a nasty threesome, deepthroating a thick cock, and getting banged rough in her cunt and ass. Apart from the action, she’s into a ton of bodily fluids as well.

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August 17th, 2010 by ali

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Here are some of the nude photos of hot actress Ali Larter. The sexy Miss Larter stars as a schizophernic single mom with a violent, uber-strong alter ego in the groundbreaking television series, Heroes. Ali looks divine in the pictures; her ripe and sexy body coupled with her innocent face is enough to drive the viewer wild with desire.

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Ali’s natural beauty looks great as she poses in these “conceptual” art photographs. Her natural boobs are very perky despite their large size, captivate the looker’s eyes. They stand up firmly yet soft-looking at the same time and her curves are a fitting addition to the whole package. Overall, these are some of the sexiest photos she’s ever done. If you enjoy looking at Ali Larter’s nude photos, then go ahead and browse the huge collection available in the site.

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April 20th, 2010 by ali

Yes, that right, our favorite blonde ex-model actress knows how to treat a dick right with her mouth!  That piece of information definitely ups her reputation in our opinion, almost making her a goddess!  I mean what other celebrity out there’s got the cocksucking prowess that Ali reportedly has?  I mean I’m not doubting the veracity of the report, especially after seeing these pictures.  But it’s best to experience her alleged skills myself before I can even give her a grade.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if she turned out to be a blowjob queen, considering the past she’s had.  As we all know, she was a model once and when you’re a model you learn how to suck dick real quick, whether it’s the cock of the male model next to you at the show or the hard-ons of the clients and agents that you literally have to suck off just to get your next job.  So I’d agree that Ali Larter has the potential to become an amazing cocksucker, but only experiencing it will truly tell!

You think I have a chance?  I think we’ve all got the chance to get sucked off by Ali Larter, but while we’re waiting might as well practice holding back our orgasms on these photos from Ali Larter Nude!  I mean you don’t want to have a premature ejaculation in front of her, y’know?

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July 1st, 2009 by ali

Whenever actress Ali Larter is not busy with her schedule, filming or modeling, she likes to hang out inside her home and get away from it all. But with such a busy lifestyle, staying indoors can be a drag for her and instead, she makes her free time useful by locking herself up inside the bedroom and start taking pictures of herself… in the nude! Now don’t tell me that these photos you’re seeing right now is not enough proof to show that Ali can get really naughty once in a while in the privacy of her own home… tough luck for her and these revealing naked pictures got spilled out and now the public can get to know what she has been up to behind the cameras!

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November 3rd, 2008 by ali

With all the naughty and kinky things Ali Larter seems to be into, there’s only pure lust, and no shock at all, when we check out these sizzling hot pics of her in hardcore action with some very lucky dudes.  She’s riding some guy’s cock in one of these photos, while in the other one, she’s taking on two fuckrods at once!  That’s par for the course for an ex-model, in my opinion, and I wouldn’t expect any less lust for cock from her.  If her character on “Heroes” can handle those multiple personalities, Ali herself can handle multiple partners with ease!

Imagine all the parties she must have been to, and all the proposals for hot, sweaty sex from the guys who get to attend parties like that.  Hey, she even lived in Japan for a year or two, and everybody knows how perverted the Japanese are when it comes to kinky sex.  She ought to have picked up a naughty fetish or two there, or she can’t call herself a model!  The cocks penetrating her pussy and ass at the same time ought to satisfy whatever sexual cravings she has, because double penetration action is what makes threesomes like this so enjoyable for cocksluts like Ali!

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Ali Larter’s Lesbian Adventures

November 3rd, 2008 by ali

Being an ex-model, Ali Larter’s had many experiences that normal people can only fantasize about, so she’s pretty open-minded about doing really raunchy stuff.  Sex?  She’s probably had a lot of it, with all the travelling and partying a model does.  That’s their lifestyle, and even though Ali seems to have a very level head on her shoulders, surely she’s given in to temptation now and then.  That’s why this image showing Ali Larter in a very kinky lesbian hardcore scenario isn’t a shock to us, especially after checking out this blog about Amy Smart.  You see, they used to be roomies back in their modelling days, and they’re still the best of friends until now, where they’re both hot Hollywood commodities.  So, if Ali and Amy can have some naughty lezzie fun now and then, why should it surprise anybody that Ali does it with other hot chicks sometimes?  After her wild and fast-paced lifestyle when she was a model, there’s no slowing down for this blonde bombshell.

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Ali Larter Nude Outdoors

November 3rd, 2008 by ali

It looks like Ali Larter’s a real wild child, the way she so casually takes off her clothes in these photos, and outdoors too, where anybody can see her.  Well, she did start out modelling at an early age, getting into the business at the age of 13, under the watch of the Ford Modelling Agency, and then started jetsetting across the world even as girls her age were still wondering what their first kiss would be like.  She eventually found herself in Japan at the age of 17 and decided to settle there for a while.

So you see, she’s no sheltered innocent getting a big thrill from taking off her top and flashing her boobies at some random stranger.  Ali Larter’s nude because she’s comfortable with it and finds it natural.  Okay, so maybe she does get an erotic thrill out of it too, especially when she’s absolutely buck naked and spreading her legs to show off her sweet, pink pussy.  That’s something every girl enjoys, even an experienced hottie like Ali.

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